Diabetic Foot Ulcers: What are the Causes and Treatments?

Foot ulcers are recurring open sores that will not heal.  As they relate to the feet, foot ulcers are most commonly created by poor circulation, high blood sugar and nerve damage resulting from an illness such as diabetes.  It is estimated that roughly 25% of all persons living with diabetes, will experience a diabetic foot ulcer in their lifetime.  Because… Read More

Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet: Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage in people with diabetes.  Over time, elevated blood sugar levels destroy nerves in critical areas of the body in this susceptible population. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy depend on which type you have, as there are several different types affecting different nerve areas of the body.  With proper care and treatment, diabetes can be managed, and… Read More

Ingrown  Toenails – Symptoms and Prevention

Ingrown toenails are a common affliction that many people suffer with. An ingrown toenail can affect people of any age, from children to adults and has many potential causes. Everyone who has had an ingrown toenail can tell you how painful they can be. An ingrown toenail occurs when the skin starts growing over the toenail, or the nail starts… Read More

How to Know If Your Child Is Suffering From a Foot Disorder?

Knowing if your child is suffering from a foot disorder can be quite difficult, especially if your child is quite young. Young children do not always have the words or point of reference to express foot pain or request sore feet treatment. As parents, we need to look for telltale signs that alert us to the problem and let us… Read More

7 Lessons Learned from the Best Sports Podiatrists

Sports podiatry is a specialised area of podiatry that treats and manages a range of conditions typically related to sporting activities. Sports podiatrists help treat and manage injuries to the lower limbs including the foot, ankle, knees and legs. Hip and lower back pain is sometimes treated by a sports podiatrist if the cause of the problem relates to the… Read More

Ingrown Toenail

Non-surgical ingrown toenail treatment: Ingrown toenail treatment at home v’s ingrown toenail treatment from a Podiatrist

Many people suffer from ingrown toenails and try various at-home treatments for ingrown toenails before visiting a podiatrist. At home, ingrown toenail treatment can be quite effective in managing ingrown toenails if a regular care and prevention routine is followed and the severity of the ingrown toenail symptoms are mild. However, persistent ingrown toenails can result in significant foot pain… Read More

Sports Podiatrist

What do sports podiatrists do?

Sports podiatrists are specialised foot doctors who diagnose and treat foot pain caused either through a sporting injury, overuse or some other biomechanical foot condition that affects sports performance. It would be fair to say that patients who attend a foot clinic to visit a sports podiatrist do so with the aim of keeping mobile and learning about strategies that… Read More

Reasons for Heel Pain and why People Get it

There are many reasons why people get heel pain. The good news is that many heel pain sufferers will be able to find effective heel pain treatment from a foot doctor to help them manage their heel pain problems. In order to effectively treat heel pain problems, it is first necessary to determine the underlying cause of the foot and… Read More

Nail Fungas

What’s the best Nail Fungus Treatment?

What’s the best Nail Fungus Treatment? It’s difficult to determine the best nail fungus treatment as there are many types of fungal nail treatments available, some available over the counter at your local chemist or supermarket while other more specialised and effective treatments can be found through your local podiatrist. Results using Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Nail fungus often presents… Read More