What Is An Orthopedic Sandal?

Over 46% of a population representative of Australia reported having foot complications in a study released earlier this year.  That’s nearly half of the population suffering from complications such as diabetic neuropathy and foot deformities.  Diabetic neuropathy and foot deformities are only a couple of the complications that can lead to foot pain, misalignment of other bone structures in the… Read More

What Is The Difference Between Regular Shoes And Diabetic Shoes?

If there were two shoes in front of you, would you be able to tell the diabetic shoe apart from the regular one? In fact, what makes a diabetic shoe… “diabetic”? We’ll dive into what sets a diabetic shoe apart from its typical counterparts. Aside from gaining a new appreciation for diabetic-specific footwear, we’ll help you understand just exactly what… Read More

What Is The Best Orthopedic Shoe For Women?

The best orthopedic shoes for women combine fashion with function. While function should be the highest priority, fashion still has a strong pull. Fortunately, there are many stylish orthopedic shoes for women available. Orthopedic shoes are specifically designed for the dynamics of your feet to provide support to the mechanics of the foot, ankle and leg.  The support provided by… Read More

How Do I Know If I Need Arch Support Insoles?

If you are experiencing any unusual pain or discomfort in your feet, legs, knees, hips or back and you can’t recall injuring yourself, you may benefit from wearing arch support insoles.  Arch support insoles are placed under the arch of your foot to provide support and relieve pain.  Initially, off-the-shelf options are attempted as a form of temporary relief from… Read More

What Are Custom Orthotics Supposed To Do?

Our feet are under a lot of stress. Our feet are constantly under the strain and weight of our entire body.  Beyond day-to-day use, our precious feet are subject to conditions that can weaken or even permanently ruin our lower limbs.  Those with diabetes are at particularly high risk for foot problems,  as well as people who wear incorrect footwear… Read More

What is the Difference Between Orthotics and Insoles?

Your precious feet are the base support for your entire body. Foot problems such as plantar fasciitis or unsupported flat feet not only create pain and grief in daily life but also compromise stability in the rest of the body.  Most Australians aren’t aware of the support available to prevent or correct these ailments.  Because foot health is essential to… Read More

How Long Does it Take to Heal a Diabetic Foot Ulcer?

Foot ulcers are sores in the feet that do not heal like normal wounds.  Diabetes, a disease where the body can’t maintain adequate sugar levels in the blood, further extends the healing time of these ulcers.  In a healthy individual without diabetes, wounds on the feet can heal anywhere from three to six weeks.  In those with diabetes, the healing… Read More

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus?

Nail fungus is an infection of the nail that causes discolouration, thickness, breakage and discomfort.  The fungi responsible for toenail fungus can be found in warm moist areas that allow for the bacteria to thrive and increase, such as in ill-fitting shoes and unsanitary pool areas.  Symptoms of toenail fungus include changes to the nail bed that signify breakage, discolouration… Read More

What is the Best Foot Care for Diabetics?

Those living with diabetes have to take extra special care of their feet.  Diabetes is a condition where the body is not able to maintain a healthy level of insulin.  Too much or too little insulin results in negatively affected blood vessels, directly affecting the most distal parts of the body by restricting blood flow to the hands and feet. … Read More

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails?

Fungal nails can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and in some cases, very hard to treat.  Also referred to as onychomycosis, fungal nails are the end product of an infection that results in thickening, discolouration and discomfort in the nails, most often the toenails.  A wide range of treatment options are available for this condition; however laser fungal nail treatments have proved… Read More