What is the Best Foot Care for Diabetics?

Diabetic Foot Noosa

Those living with diabetes have to take extra special care of their feet.  Diabetes is a condition where the body is not able to maintain a healthy level of insulin.  Too much or too little insulin results in negatively affected blood vessels, directly affecting the most distal parts of the body by restricting blood flow to the hands and feet.  Comprehensive care plans, daily care and monitoring of the extremities and consistent clinic visits with a podiatrist are crucial in providing the best foot care for diabetics.

The best diabetic foot care comes under the direction of a physician, or more specifically a podiatrist.  Under the care of this well-trained professional, the feet are monitored and observed for sores, ulcers and any indication of restricted blood flow to the area.  Comprehensive care plans can include tailored methods that address specific patients’ diabetes progression and lifestyle.  Below are some of the best foot care methods for diabetics, often included in care plans for diabetic foot care.

Observe Your Feet

As previously mentioned, the best diabetic foot care comes under the direction of a podiatrist.  However, there are some things you can do on your own to promote the health of your feet when living with this condition.  Observation of the feet through daily monitoring will reduce the risk of progressive diseases and sores such as peripheral nerve damage and diabetic-associated ulcers.

Diabetics are also at risk for loss of feeling in the feet, from nerve damage.  Constant monitoring of the feet for reduced sensation, or prevalent numbing is essential to reduce the onset and prevention of disease.

Any deformities, colour changes or differences in the feet are things that need to be observed and investigated as a routine part of diabetic foot care.

Care For Your Feet

Following daily observation of the feet, proper care and maintenance are another way to promote the health of diabetic feet.

One of the best things you can do for diabetic feet is to create a healthy environment for them.  Often housed in moist warm areas such as socks and tight shoes, caring for diabetic feet means putting your feet in clean, dry spaces that are void of infectious diseases and fungus.  Properly drying your feet, wearing the right-sized shoe, and routine cleaning of the area are all great ways to care for your feet.

Wear Shoes Designed For Diabetic Feet

The right shoe can make a world of difference to diabetic feet, relieving foot pain, offering support and protection and complimenting other foot pain treatments.

Suncoast Podiatry offers a full range of shoes suitable for use by diabetics. These are available at our foot and nail clinics and can also be purchased online for your convenience. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Reduce Risks

Lastly, one of the best ways to promote foot care in diabetics is to reduce the risks that could further propagate any existing conditions.

Smoking is specifically advised against in diabetics because it further destroys already compromised blood vessels.  Those who smoke put themselves at even higher risks for narrowed or defective blood vessels, stroke from blood not reaching the brain, and even amputation from blood not reaching extremities.

Another factor that may put those with diabetes in even more danger is those who lead sedentary lifestyles.  It’s been proven that exercise has a positive impact on the promotion of healthy blood cells and subsequently the lack of exercise further encourages a lack of blood circulation in the body.  To prevent further damage and to promote healthy feet, increase daily motion and exercise.

Lastly, to reduce the risks associated with diabetic feet, it is important to avoid as many injuries to the area as possible.  Due to the already compromised lack of blood flow to the feet, those living with diabetes are not able to heal injured areas to their full capacity.  In some extreme cases, loss of blood to the feet results in loss of feeling to the feet and if an injury occurs, it may not even be recognised, creating serious danger if left untreated.

Where Can I Find Diabetic Foot Treatment Near Me?

Diabetic foot care is essential to the preservation and promotion of healthy, functioning feet in anyone living with the illness.  Through proper podiatrist-created care plans, followed by observation, care, and reduced risks to the areas, foot care in diabetics is able to be addressed.

If you are in search of a qualified professional to provide competent foot pain treatment and diabetic foot treatment near you, consult with a diabetic foot ulcer treatment foot doctor in Noosa, coordinated by some of the best providers.  Diabetic foot care in Noosa is readily available to address all of your foot pain treatment needs.  In Noosa, diabetic foot ulcer treatment is also available to be included in care plans.

Diabetic foot treatment in Noosa and surrounds, including foot pain treatment, is best undertaken by a professional who can guide your road to recovery and healthy foot maintenance.  Consult with local podiatrists today to begin the journey to the best diabetic foot treatment for you.