Suncoast Podiatry is a clinic catering to people of all ages and backgrounds for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot and leg conditions. We treat children, young professionals and the elderly.

We individually tailor our consultations to the needs of the client so as to get them pain free or back to full function as smoothly as possible.

Suncoast Podiatry provides specialised services for professional and recreational athletes with the aim of enhancing performance, preventing injuries, alleviating pain and improving functional ability.

Servicing Noosa, Cooroy, Gympie, Bli Bli, Pomona, Imbil and Tin Can Bay

Services we provide:

  • Heel pain, arch pain, flat feet
  • Diabetic assessment & footcare
  • Sports injuries
  • Laser fungal nail therapy
  • Foot & lower limb pain in children
  • Childrens gait and postural problems
  • Video gait analysis
  • Nails, corns & callous removal
  • Minor surgery
  • Shin splints, Achilles pain, stress fractures
  • Custom & non-custom Orthotics: hard and soft
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • MRI, X-ray & Ultrasound referral
  • Foot related knee, hip and lower back pain
  • Falls prevention
  • Biomechanical screening
  • Footwear modification
  • Toewalkers, in-toeing, out-toeing
  • Custom night splints
  • Western Medical Acupuncture
  • Foot Mobilisation Techniques
  • Ingrown toenail treatment
  • DVA footwear prescription