Footwear Assessments

Did you know the quality and type of shoe that you wear can have a significant impact on the way that you walk or run?

This is why it is essential to look at your footwear needs in our treatment plan.

We specialise in checking general and athletic footwear, ski and snowboard boots, hiking boots, childrens footwear and high heels.

Sport shoes and running shoes

To provide appropriate support for your biomechanics and the sport you are participating in, we will assess your current footwear and make recommendations if required.

Casual and work shoes

Everyday and work shoes can impact on the way you walk and your foot and leg injuries.

Assessing your footwear

It is important to bring the shoes you regularly use for casual wear, in the workplace or sport/fitness activities. We will assess for stability, cushioning and distribution of load and how suitable these qualities are for your daily activities.