Biomechanics & Video Gait Analysis

There are three basic stages to the human gait cycle, and it is impossible to view the detail of this intricate motion with the naked eye. By using a treadmill, digital video and a motion analysis computer program (used for high level athletes), we are able to slow down, pause and analyse your every movement during the gait cycle.

Video analysis of walking and running is a key tool in helping to determine the biomechanical causes of painful foot and lower limb conditions. Consequently, we are able to obtain a better understanding of your gait pattern and therefore recommend the right type of shoe, give specific treatment advice or prescribe a specific foot orthotic if required.

Gait Analysis

Here, walking and running style will be analysed on our treadmill using computerised video feedback. We will look at everything from the way your torso is functioning through to your hips, knees, legs, ankles and of course, feet. Running technique will be assessed if warranted.
Biomechanical Examination

This is where we evaluate your ‘engineering’. This is looking at why the makeup of your bones, muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments etc. makes you move the way you do. It is a non-invasive physical assessment measuring any structural or functional issues in your legs and feet that are contributing to your condition.

Upon completion of these examinations, a treatment plan will be prescribed. This may involve all or any part of the following treatments: Orthotic therapy, advice on running shoes, casual or particular sporting footwear, stretching regimes, strapping or muscular strengthening, as well as acute injury treatment.

It is important to note that the way in which the foot functions can have an impact on other parts of the body, meaning that issues may arise elsewhere.

A biomechanical assessment is a wholistic assessment of the body that can locate the source(s) of these problems.