What is the Best Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails?

Fungal nails can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and in some cases, very hard to treat.  Also referred to as onychomycosis, fungal nails are the end product of an infection that results in thickening, discolouration and discomfort in the nails, most often the toenails.  A wide range of treatment options are available for this condition; however laser fungal nail treatments have proved more efficient and worthwhile than others.  Read on to explore the best laser treatment for fungal nails.

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Available Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

As mentioned, there are multiple options available for the treatment of onychomycosis. The reason laser treatment has proved most favourable and efficient in the treatment of nail fungus is due to its ability to non-invasively, directly target and treat infected tissues, in the shortest amount of time for both treatment and recovery.

Podiatrists across the Sunshine Coast have commonly used thermal lasers in their treatment of toenail fungus.  This method involves multiple applications of a laser to the affected area that relies on high heat to kill infected cells and tissues.  Very effective and completed in as little as two to four office visits, the thermal laser is among the best available fungal nail laser treatments.

More recently, Suncoast Podiatry has adopted a more innovative laser treatment, the cold laser.  Also called the Lunula low-level laser, this nail fungus laser treatment offers multiple low levelled lasers to target areas of fungus directly.  Also ensuring optimised results in the least amount of time, the Lunula cold laser has been one of the best additions to treatment options for nail fungus.

Comparing Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Laser fungal nail treatment is undoubtedly the most beneficial option for nail fungus.  Studies have revealed that they offer an over 80% success rate, treatments can be completed in as little as 10 to 20 minutes and there is no downtime to recover.  With the understanding that laser fungal nail treatment is the most beneficial option for this condition, compare the two different versions of this therapy to decide which is comparably the best of the two.

While most foot and nail clinics across the Sunshine Coast offer the thermal laser to treat toenail fungus, the newly introduced cold Lunula laser is new and specific to Suncoast Podiatry.  The thermal laser has traditionally been used due to its availability and understanding of its application, and because of that is the most available option for laser fungal nail treatment.  

The thermal laser relies on high temperatures of heat to kill any infected tissues in the nail beds.  Although the thermal laser has proven extremely effective, it can also be considered unfavourable due to the discomfort of the high temperatures.

In comparison, the cold Lunula laser does not rely on heat to kill any infected tissues.  The Lunula laser uses two alternating lasers that are dependent on low wavelengths.  Unlike uncomfortably high temperatures, low wavelengths are able to target and kill toenail fungus without heat directly.  Furthermore, the use of a low wavelength laser promises even more widespread application, with the ability to safely penetrate all layers of the nail and promote direct treatment.  

So, Which is the Best Nail Fungus Laser Treatment?

While both are efficient nail fungus laser treatments, the Lunula laser offers the best result.  The use of low-level wavelengths that directly kill infected areas of the toenail without heat offer patients the most comfortable option.  The advanced technology of the Lunula laser also includes a bonus benefit with its alternating lasers, as one of the lasers is responsible for generating healthy tissue after infected tissue is killed and gotten rid of.  In this way, the cold laser is not only the most comfortable option, but it also promotes faster recovery time by generating newer, healthier tissues.

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Where Can I Find the Best Fungal Nail Laser Treatment?

Although the Lunula cold laser fungal nail treatment has proved the best option for treatment, it is not readily available by all podiatrists on the Sunshine Coast.  Podiatrists of Sunshine Coast Podiatry are proud to offer industry-leading technology for patients that has not yet been introduced elsewhere.

Most foot and nail clinics provide traditional thermal lasers.  To reap the undeniable benefits of the Lunula cold laser fungal nail laser treatment, contact any of our four foot and nail clinics with available and exceptionally trained podiatrists on the Sunshine Coast.  Freedom from nail fungus is only 3 to 4 short office visits away.