What Is An Orthopedic Sandal?

Over 46% of a population representative of Australia reported having foot complications in a study released earlier this year.  That’s nearly half of the population suffering from complications such as diabetic neuropathy and foot deformities.  Diabetic neuropathy and foot deformities are only a couple of the complications that can lead to foot pain, misalignment of other bone structures in the body, and other pain arising from the foot area.  Orthopedic shoes are a widely recognised solution for foot problems; however, orthopedic sandals are new and confusing to some.

An orthopedic sandal is a sandal with an insole built in to provide enhanced comfort, encourage proper mobility and offer increased support to the feet.  With proper use, orthotic sandals work to correct misalignments in bone structure, helping to relieve pain and re-establish normal function of the feet. 

Could I Benefit from an Orthotic Sandal?

Orthotic sandals are specially designed for those who need support in correcting gait issues and relieving pain.  While these sandals are often used after consulting with a foot doctor, they can prevent damage to the feet as well.

People with a condition called plantar fasciitis suffer from pain in their arch area due to the inflammation of a ligament connecting parts of the foot.  Orthotic sandals are equipped with arch support insoles that provide relief to the affected area, as well as keeping pressure off.

A condition called pronation is an incorrect positioning of the feet when walking.  Pronation results in the flattening of the foot’s arch over time, soon creating pain in connecting legs, hip and back areas.  Orthotic sandals benefit those with this condition by not only supporting the flattened arch but limiting the movement of the foot to promote proper gait.  Orthopedic sandal insoles also offer enhanced cushioning and comfort to otherwise pained areas of the feet.

Diabetics are notoriously known to have problems with their feet. This stems from poor circulation and lack of blood flow to the most distant parts of the body.  People with diabetes are at risk for permanently damaging their feet due to loss of feeling/sensation, have increased risks of ulcers and foot wounds, and ultimately foot amputation if their feet aren’t properly protected.  Orthotic sandals are perfect for diabetic feet because they relieve the foot of any potential pressure brought on by normal footwear.  Pressure is one of the biggest risks to compromised diabetic feet, so to be free and unrestricted promotes health.

Because the feet are composed of so many intricate bones and connections, it’s important to be proactive when supporting their function and preventing damage.  Orthotic sandals prevent poor foot health by enabling an ideal environment for the foot to function, potentially benefiting anyone who walks.

Benefits of an Orthotic Sandal:

One of the most beloved benefits of the orthotic sandal is its versatility.  This footwear offers fashion versatility while encompassing stability, support, and comfort.  Not seen in traditional medical footwear, orthotic sandals focus on both function and appearance. Previously, fashion was compromised for safety and overall function.  Today, foot support can be worn with a stylish dress and completely hidden.

Orthotic sandals are the only option for those sweltering summer months.  Not only are hot shoes uncomfortable, but increased temperatures create breeding grounds for bacteria, especially in enclosed areas like shoe wear.  Bacteria is potentially life-threatening for those with open foot wounds, and this can be avoided with the fresh air and circulation that comes with orthotic sandals.

What Options are Available for Orthotic Sandals?

We offer a wide variety of orthotic sandals to fit your needs.  Whether you’re searching for something fashionable for a night out or something more casual for a business get-together…Suncoast Podiatry is the go-to supplier for orthotic sandals of any colour, size, and style!

Corlee Slide Women’s Orthopedic Sandal
Corlee Slide Women’s Orthopedic Sandal

Featured above is the Corlee Slide Orthopedic Sandal.  Its coral suede design gives it a designer finish, while its adjustable buckles and custom arch support insoles provide adequate comfort and safety. These orthopedic sandals can be paired with a sundress or a pair of khakis.

Orthotic Sandals are available to purchase through Suncoast Podiatry. We offer custom orthopedic shoes for women, including orthotic sandals and all your arch support insole needs.  Please reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.

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