What Are Custom Orthotics Supposed To Do?

Our feet are under a lot of stress.

Our feet are constantly under the strain and weight of our entire body.  Beyond day-to-day use, our precious feet are subject to conditions that can weaken or even permanently ruin our lower limbs.  Those with diabetes are at particularly high risk for foot problems,  as well as people who wear incorrect footwear during long hours of use and athletes who use their feet more than the average person and with more strenuous applications.

Custom orthotics are one of the best ways to give your foot the therapy, correction and care it needs to enable healthy feet that will last a lifetime.  Custom orthotics are specially crafted foot inserts uniquely designed to treat your specific foot problems.  Unlike similar footwear from off the shelf, these custom pieces can target and treat specific issues in the pedal area versus a generic approach to treating the entire foot.  The type of orthotic prescribed will be dependent on your individual needs, treating your individual problems.

Custom Orthotics

Sports Custom Orthotics

One of the most common place foot problems seen is in athletes.  The extremely heavy use of their feet and the constant pressure they’re under create a compromisable base of the entire body.  Beyond kicking soccer balls or running long lengths, the feet of athletes are highly susceptible to damage.

Custom orthotics for athletes provide dramatic benefits.  These custom inserts help absorb shock, lower stress on the feet and provide a safe, comfortable area for the feet to be housed when not in use.  One of the most beneficial aspects of orthotics for athletes is the reduced chance of injury.  Foot and toe doctors will often recommend orthotics because when feet are within this biomedical appliance, they are protected and preserved from even the lengthiest of sports careers.

Diabetic Specific Custom Orthotics

Perhaps worse than athletes, diabetics are among one of the most susceptible populations for foot pain and problems.  Because diabetics suffer from a variety of complications deriving from a lack of controlled blood sugar, their feet are at risk for loss of feeling/sensation, reduced blood flow and ultimately amputation.

Diabetic-specific custom orthotics are a great way to influence the health of compromised feet. Those suffering from numbness or loss of sensation benefit from these inserts because they can reduce pressure and friction to the area, enabling comfort and safety.  Diabetic specific custom orthotics evenly distribute body weight throughout the entire foot, relieving strain.  Because custom orthotics are made after an assessment from a podiatrist, the inserts that are created will target the direct symptoms of the specific individual, as not all diabetics have the same ailments.  Each diabetic’s situation is different; therefore customisation of a shoe insert to improve the function and longevity of healthy feet is essential.  In certain cases, custom orthotics can be used as preventative diabetic footwear before more serious problems arise.

Improper Shoe Support And Custom Orthotics

Many shoes are more design focused than on comfort or foot health.  For this reason, sometimes temporary insoles are placed inside the shoe to enhance the shoe user’s experience.  For those that are severely compromised by sore feet aggravated further by walking/standing on their feet for extended periods of time in shoes that are not designed for such tasks, there is relief to be found in customised orthotics.

One of the biggest problems with improper shoe wear is sore feet. Pain emitting from your feet can silently affect the mechanics of your entire body. Beyond this, prolonged improper footwear creates and worsens bunions or corns and can also affect the function of your arch and heel. A custom orthotic prescribed by a foot doctor is able to attack these problems directly.  Sore feet treatment and sore heel treatment are provided by placing the feet back into a natural position that supports the body.  Alleviating pressure and friction caused by improper shoe wear also helps the foot heal from improper shoe use.

Regardless of your foot problems, a custom orthotic will provide relief.  Specific to your existing foot problem only, this biomedical application can target your symptoms and act on them in a way that traditional shoe inserts cannot.  Athletes don’t need a broken foot to benefit from this therapy, and for diabetic feet, custom orthotics can even be seen as a preventative measure.  For any pain or imbalance in the foot, no matter how it is brought about, custom orthotics are sore feet and sore heel treatments that provide relief.

Suncoast Podiatry specialises in creating a long-lasting custom orthotic unique to your situation.  To enquire about an assessment and to receive prescription custom orthotics, click here to begin your journey to healthy, supported, protected feet and toes.