Ingrown Toenail

Non-surgical ingrown toenail treatment: Ingrown toenail treatment at home v’s ingrown toenail treatment from a Podiatrist

Many people suffer from ingrown toenails and try various at-home treatments for ingrown toenails before visiting a podiatrist. At home, ingrown toenail treatment can be quite effective in managing ingrown toenails if a regular care and prevention routine is followed and the severity of the ingrown toenail symptoms are mild. However, persistent ingrown toenails can result in significant foot pain… Read More

Sports Podiatrist

What do sports podiatrists do?

Sports podiatrists are specialised foot doctors who diagnose and treat foot pain caused either through a sporting injury, overuse or some other biomechanical foot condition that affects sports performance. It would be fair to say that patients who attend a foot clinic to visit a sports podiatrist do so with the aim of keeping mobile and learning about strategies that… Read More

Reasons for Heel Pain and why People Get it

There are many reasons why people get heel pain. The good news is that many heel pain sufferers will be able to find effective heel pain treatment from a foot doctor to help them manage their heel pain problems. In order to effectively treat heel pain problems, it is first necessary to determine the underlying cause of the foot and… Read More

Nail Fungas

What’s the best Nail Fungus Treatment?

What’s the best Nail Fungus Treatment? It’s difficult to determine the best nail fungus treatment as there are many types of fungal nail treatments available, some available over the counter at your local chemist or supermarket while other more specialised and effective treatments can be found through your local podiatrist. Results using Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Nail fungus often presents… Read More

Diabetic Foot Care -Treatment and Diagnosis

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and you need Diabetic Foot Care Treatment, chances are you feel a bit overwhelmed as you get your head around what the diagnosis means. While currently there is not any definitive cure for diabetes it can be well managed, especially with early intervention. It is well known within the medical profession that… Read More

What is Fungal Nail Therapy and What Does it Treat?

Fungal nail therapy is a treatment to treat nail fungus, most commonly found on the nails of the foot. Foot fungus is usually first noticed by the toenails looking a little bit different to normal. The appearance of foot fungus may be mild at first so can go unnoticed, particularly if you are in the habit of wearing nail polish…. Read More

Are growing pains treated by a kids podiatrist?

“Growing pain” is the common term used to describe any type of pain experienced by children in their legs. However, the term “growing pain” has no medical basis. Sometimes “growing pains” resolve as muscle growth and bone growth realign which has led to the misconception that “growing pains” are just a part of the normal growth cycle. From a clinical… Read More

Custom Orthotics – What is the process for getting custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are commonly used to correct the way a foot moves. They fit inside your shoes and are shaped or contoured in such a way that corrects the position of your foot. Custom orthotic inserts correct things such as flat feet and feet that roll in, providing arch support to correct the shape and feet. There are various types… Read More

Do custom orthotics help treat plantar fasciitis?

Custom orthotics are commonly used in the treatment of plantar fasciitis by podiatrists as a treatment for foot and heel pain. The reason they are used so commonly is that patients report relief of their symptoms when using them. As you might expect, not every patient responds in the same way to various foot and heel pain treatments. This is… Read More

What are the treatments for plantar fasciitis?

If you have been experiencing persistent foot pain, or more specifically heel pain, then it is possible you may have plantar fasciitis. We have listed the different treatments for plantar fasciitis below so you can try to mitigate the symptoms. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a thick layer of tissue that stretches… Read More