What’s the best Nail Fungus Treatment?

What’s the best Nail Fungus Treatment?

It’s difficult to determine the best nail fungus treatment as there are many types of fungal nail treatments available, some available over the counter at your local chemist or supermarket while other more specialised and effective treatments can be found through your local podiatrist.

Results using Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

Best Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus often presents with any combination of cracked, lifted, discoloured, thickened, crumbly or painful nails. In milder cases, it is often vanity that is the catalyst for seeking treatment and in more serious cases relief from pain and discomfort is sought. Nail fungus infections usually result from damage to the nail seal allowing various germs to invade the nail, in particular dermatophytes, candida, yeast and moulds.

Traditionally fungal nail treatment options were limited to three main approaches:

  1. Topical treatment – effective in milder cases, especially if the patient applies as directed
  2. Oral medication – very effective but often causes damage to the liver with prolonged use.
  3. Surgery to remove part of or the whole nail – obviously painful and invasive.

In recent years laser fungal nail treatments have become more popular, providing patients with very effective treatments and high success rates.

There are two types of lasers used in the treatment of nail fungus by podiatrists:

1. Thermal Laser

2. Lunula Cold Laser.

A thermal laser penetrates the nail and kills the infection under the nail by means of heat. Heat is a very effective way of killing off nail fungus. While very effective, the problem with thermal laser treatment for fungal nail infections is not everyone can tolerate the heat. Those who can tolerate it experience a warm to hot sensation of their toe(s) underneath the nail while others find the thermal laser too uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there is another thermal treatment option available. Suncoast Podiatry has invested in gold-standard technology to provide Lunula “Cold” Laser treatments to patients at their Sunshine Coast Clinics and we were the first podiatrists on the Sunshine Coast to offer this type of fungal nail treatment. This type of laser treatment is pain-free with no heat and treats the entire nail bed, plate and surrounding skin with very high success rates. It uses two wavelengths 405nm and 635nm for targeted anti fungal and regenerative outcomes.

We believe Lunula Cold Laser is the best nail fungus treatment available which is why we have invested so heavily in the technology and equipment, with our podiatrists highly trained in its use. It is true that the investment by the patient is higher but we truly believe the results are worth it – and so many of our patients now think so too.

If you are struggling with traditional fungal nail treatments, or find you cannot tolerate thermal laser treatment, please make an appointment to see one of our specialised podiatrists and discuss the suitability of Lunula Cold Laser for the treatment of your nail fungus.

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