What do sports podiatrists do?

Sports podiatrists are specialised foot doctors who diagnose and treat foot pain caused either through a sporting injury, overuse or some other biomechanical foot condition that affects sports performance. It would be fair to say that patients who attend a foot clinic to visit a sports podiatrist do so with the aim of keeping mobile and learning about strategies that help manage their condition without having to give up doing what they love.

Sports Podiatrist

Sports podiatrists understand the love of sport and the need to keep mobile so the treatment strategies suggested generally try to work around or manage the foot pain, rather than recommending stopping sport altogether. Through modified training techniques and loads, many foot pain conditions can be effectively treated while others require some other form of intervention.

There are a number of conditions that require treatment by a sports podiatrist including, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, ankle sprains, bursitis and even leg or knee pain. If these conditions emerge in an otherwise well person who has played sport recently, suspects a sporting injury or have increased the intensity of their training, it is worth visiting a sports podiatrist at a foot clinic for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

By far the greatest number of foot pain issues arise in athletes who run a lot or put great loads through their legs and feet, for example, gymnasts. Foot pain treatment obviously varies depending on the condition. Many conditions can be treated through biomechanical corrections, typically with the use of custom orthotics for support and alignment along with supportive shoes. Other conditions require a modification in training schedules and activities to allow time for rest and decreased loads while the body heals, grows or adapts.

Our team at Suncoast Podiatry typically treat a wide range of sporting-related injuries on The Sunshine Coast. We often see heel spurs, ball of the foot pain, knee pain and hip, back and spinal problems that all stem from the foot, which in turn provides the base or foundation for all that we do. Even more demand is placed on our feet and bodies during sporting endeavours, so sporting podiatrists have a wide range of techniques to better support and strengthen your feet and everything they connect to.

A word about custom orthotics.

Sports podiatrists will often recommend custom orthotics to correct any biomechanical issues. Foot pain from biomechanical issues is quite common. Flat feet or feet that roll in are also very common. If not corrected further problems arise. Custom orthotics, along with supportive footwear, are an easy way to make the corrections – kind of set and forget in-between visits. Once you have the orthotics you can interchange them between all your sporting shoes or school shoes. Custom orthotics are not the only treatment option available for foot pain, but they are very commonly used and are very effective.

If you are experiencing foot pain from a sporting related condition, come and speak to our experienced podiatrists at one of our many locations on The Sunshine Coast including Noosa, Cooroy, Bli Bli and Gympie.